Grid templates are a bummer. CNTRL’s grid workflow lays a foundation for advanced features like algorithmic layouts.
Your codebase is the single source of truth. Use CNTRL as a headless data source and intervene in the rendering process as you please.
Yes, it's
Model your website data and use an automatically generated TypeScript declarations file.
Free-form data models
CNTRL lets designers and developers work together in real time. So you can spend less time arguing and more time building cool websites.
Silos are for farmers
No strings attached
Easily migrate your website from our servers and deliver it to your client without committing to a paid subscription.
Pencils down?
Show this 👇 to your developer
Web-based editor with a focus on
“Old-school” web typography
We built our design-editor UI from the ground up with only the tools you really need.
Media embeds like you mean it
Nowadays, everyone and their mother has a “design system.” 🙄 Our initial release features a styles library that lets you adjust the typography and color palette throughout a workflow, from creation to production.
A styles library that actually works
Resolute grid settings
As designers, we’re excited to bring back old-school type settings that newer editors are sorely missing. This release includes a word-spacing property along with the usual settings you’d expect.
We built our design-editor UI from the ground up with only the tools you really need.
Tight workflow
Scaling FTW
We love making websites that scale, so we added an autoscale feature that works with any range of breakpoints.
Design, iterate, publish, refine, stay in control
Code embeds are
for babies.
>Develop with the fewest possible
A unified environment for web studios, created for and by actual designers and developers.
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We’re looking for investors creative guinea pigs to try our Alpha release.